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17th May 2012


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Progress of a letter cutting commission

16th May 2012

P1040832P1040871 P1050004


   P1040873 P1050101P1040874




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Baptismal Font

5th August 2011

P1040696 P1040695 P1040711

Worked in ‘Mocha Creme’ Portuguese Limestone and installed at the Wield & Downland open air museum near Chichester.

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Ludlow Stone Carving Festival 2011

23rd May 2011

P1040343 P1040344 Here is the working model, only a couple of inches high.

P1040346  P1040350 working on cronos 2 working on cronos  

cropped cronos 1 cropped cronos 2 cropped cronos 3 cropped cronos 4        

My piece won the carving competition at St Laurence church, Ludlow, Shropshire this year. The piece took 20 hours to carve and was sold along with the other competition pieces to raise funds for the churches upkeep.

248551_10150313846389408_627654407_9840210_231272_nP1040383This amazing piece, by Saul Sheldon, won the carvers vote in the competition.

247832_10150313846809408_627654407_9840219_8092449_nP1040392 P1040393   P1040374 P1040378 P1040379 P1040382  P1040391

And here are a few more carvings from the competition, there were 23 fantastic carvers in total some independent & others from various Cathedral workshops.

The standard was very high and they raised £4300 for the church.

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Stone lion sculpture at ‘The Goring’

5th May 2011

lion at the goring 1 lion at the goring 2 Lion front left best lion left side best small

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Bronze portrait bust commission

12th April 2011

mark bronze left mark bronze straight on mark right bronze

mark closeup bronze

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Horace Walpole portrait . An18th Century Coade Stone Plaque

1st April 2011

 DSC02320 DSC02879

Image0068 DSC02933 DSC02932

I restored this plaque using the Micro Abrasive system, then chemically. The break was pinned with stone resin and the fracture filled with Paraloid resin mixed with Coade Stone powder.

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Design process for letter cutting project

1st February 2011

 slight oval pencil sketch 3 pencil sketch 1    Iain Sketch 2 Iain sketch 5  enriched corners

finished Iain 35x59

The final design which will be slightly adjusted and perfected when I transfer onto my stone.

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Re-carved missing stone finials

28th January 2011

Finial 1Finial 3 Finial 4 Finial 5

Much of this will then be gilded when the mansion is re-opened.

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Strawberry Hill Stone shields Diary

2nd December 2010

Day 1

1st December 2010

Loosely roughing out forms

blan2 blank 3

Day 2

2nd December 2010

Developing detail, focusing on the mane and face. Paws are very tricky.

Liking the deranged expression.

P1030143 P1030144


Day 3

Focusing on axe detail and flow of the mane

P1030149 P1030151


Day 4

The Strawberry Flower crown and musculature

P1030153 P1030154


Day 5

Cleaning up, undercutting and concentrating on catching light and shadow when lit from above

P1030167 P1030168

And here are the other two!


 P1030126 P1030119 P1030171

 installed shields two  installed shields three installed shields one

And here they are after I have installed them above the main entrance at Strawberry Hill in Twickenham.


Frozen Lake


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20th October 2010

P1020514P1020700 P1020699 P1020701

I hope to carve a series of Insects and Arachnids.  I’m sure they are getting bigger by the year, so you can really see the amazing patterns on their abdomens.

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Photo diary showing the design process involved in making ‘River God’.

DSC00631 DSC00633DSC00677DSC00667

DSC00668flyer 013 DSC00966

DSC01285 DSC01317 DSC01319 DSC01321

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 kelly8 river god finished for web site

rive god oblique 2 river god head on 1 river god oblique 3

Finished and off to mould making workshop!

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Heraldic shield, scale working model

25th September 2010

This is the first of three clay scale working models.

I will work from them when carving the stone shields to be installed at Strawberry Hill above the main entrance.

lion working model 1 lion working model 2 lion working model 3

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Medieval Alabaster panels

23rd September 2010

Image0075 Image0076

DSC02854 DSC02859

I have removed and cleaned these delicate Medieval Alabaster panels, they are the consistency of soap.

No water can be applied when cleaning as Alabaster breaks down into Gypsum. when in contact with water.

They were moved from their original positions in the 19th century, the walls of Strawberry Hill were x-rayed to find their original 18th century niches.

I will re-install them in their proper place at a later date, when they will be distempered.

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Please leave general comments & questions

6th September 2010

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Kilpeck inspired ‘Beak Head’

3rd September 2010

Picture 005 Photo-0170 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         toms new cmra 019OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         beak headsbeak heads two

A small project, carved in French Limestone, inspired by the amazing carvings at Kilpeck church in Herefordshire where deranged and fantastic Pagan influenced carvings are mixed in with Christian ones.*/site/ed-he-kilpe.html

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‘Virgilia bewailing the absence of Coriolanus’

30th August 2010

I am in the process of conserving this high bas-relief Pre-Raphaelite marble by Thomas Woolner. Thomas was one of the five founders of the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

I am applying Arte Mundit (latex poultice), V&A mix (de-ionised water, synperonic detergent and White Spirit), and Complexon paste.

DSC02869 DSC02873

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18th Century Armorial Cartoons

25th August 2010

These are original 18th century archival Cartoons which I am interpreting in order to work the three heraldic shields featured in them from clay. I will then carve them in Lime stone and install them above the main entrance at Strawberry Hill, you can see where they will be fixed in the cartoon top right.

Untitled, 7/19/06, 1:50 PM,  8C, 5772x8640 (1164+1464), 100%, Default Settin,  1/60 s, R59.8, G33.1, B36.7<br /> OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         great north bedchamber006lwlpr16706



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Papier Mache Ceiling Repairs

23rd August 2010

Image0009 Image0023 DSC02829

DSC02875 Image0031DSC02935

P1020644 P1020643P1020638

These pictures show the mould making and production of papier mache repairs to the great gallery ceiling at Strawberry Hill Mansions.

We spent a long time experimenting with historic ingredients before achieving a mix which was strong light and flexible enough, lovely stuff like Allum, Shellac, Whiting and Rabbit Skin glue.

The papier machet is then painted and gilded

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Chatsworth House

An enriched  cornice modelled in clay, which will be cast in plaster and installed at Chatsworth House.

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St George’s Chapel Grotesque

‘A banker in a strong wind’.

This is a clay sketch, my second Grotesque design, for St George’s Chapel Windsor.The first (the mouse with grafted human ear) is to be installed this year.If approved, he will join my first design and be carved in limestone and he will be installed next year.

This is me and my friend Will, You can see where i got the inspiration!

Banker BW 3 Banker BW 1 Banker BW 2

n547761551_575508_1417will in a breeze

Banker large 1 banker large 3 Banker 2 small

  1. Here he is further along the design process, he now has a combover, pin stripe suit and bowler hat, and is grasping a bank note in his hand.
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